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USA Swingers Contacts - Free Adult Personals - Now over 800,000 active swinging profiles!

USA Swingers Contacts
from Connect4Fun - the genuine swingers contacts sites

Welcome to Connect4Fun - the contacts site for USA swingers

USA Swingers Contacts from Connect4Fun  -  the largest and busiest swingers contact club in the UK, if not Europe.  Connect4Fun is the largest and busiest UK swingers club site. Due to the number of American swingers joining our UK site, we decided to build a version for the US - so many of our American swinging friends have told us that America needs a genuine swingers contacts system - something that we are told has not existed till now!

As we also run the largest of sites in Spain, where our founders now live, we have also made this American version available in Spanish. Please select a language choice below. (Este sitio está disponible ahora en español. Seleccione por favor su lengua abajo.) 

Our database of over 800,000 swingers is heavily UK based but we do have over 100,000 US members. With 500 to 1,000 new registrations daily this figure is growing fast - we hope to soon be able to claim that we also run the largest genuine site for swingers in the USA!  Just click below to go to our registration page and sign up now. You will be in contact with other swingers in the USA very soon.

Connect4Fun is the fastest growing swingers club or site and is the only site on the web that can provide for all the needs of swingers worldwide.     We are proud to operate the largest and most genuine of all swingers clubs  -  run by swingers for swingers. 
Connect4Fun is the home of the very best and most genuine swingers sites available on the internet.  Other sites actually confirm what most swingers already know...........  Connect4Fun is the No 1 swingers club - the leaders that others can only follow and imitate!   

There is no other site offering more outside the Connect4Fun family and that includes access in four languages AND basic membership totally FREE.  If able, you are welcome to place adverts in one or more languages as they can be viewed and replied to through all Connect4Fun sites and it may be that visiting swingers will be interested in contacting you as well as those living locally  -  the database is available in English, French, German and Spanish.

Through this site, you can view many thousands of genuine adult ads and get in contact instantly and for free!  FREE basic membership gives you access to thousands of profiles and media from like-minded adults, looking to meet for intimate encounters, swinging, group fun, parties and all sorts of other adult fun and services. You can start contacting members online today absolutely free!  Optional Premium membership for additional features is available from 9 US Dollars a month.

FREE Features for ALL members

+ Joining & profile creation
+ Your own unlimited media library
+ Search & view unlimited profiles
+ Send & receive unlimited mail*
+ Multiple chat rooms*
+ Mail box filtering
+ View a free image on every profile
+ 'My Kind Of People' suggested matches
+ Create multiple video clips for your ad
+ Advanced video & audio technology
+ Set auto replies for your inbox & junk mail
+ Free mail alerts via email
+ Full online help & technical support

Just $9 a month

+ View unlimited adult photos & videos
+ Send & receive PRIVATE media messages
+ Feature at the top of the search results
+ Hide your media if you wish
+ Reveal all your media to ALL members
+ Video Chat Rooms

$9.12 a month with our 12 month package, or just $24.95 for a single month.

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